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At St. Leonard's children experience a rich learning environment and are supported by caring, experienced teachers, as they learn and develop. 

“In Early Years the curriculum meets the need of children exceptionally well… Teaching is precise and of the highest quality.” OFSTED 2019

We believe that children are strong and capable learners in their own right and that our role is to nurture and support them as they progress at their own pace and in their own way. 

“Children in the Early Years are confident and enjoy their learning… Children manage risk and work well together.” OFTSED 2019

Each day follows a warm, rhythmic structure, allowing children to participate in a range of learning activities which are expected and meaningful. As much as possible, each day follows the same structure so that children feel safe and confident about coming into school, begin to make plans for their own learning needs and start to look forward to their favourite days. 

​​​​​​Our classrooms are rich and beautiful, offering everything that your child needs to grow. We have an award-winning garden, where they can explore, play and develop their curiosity in many different ways. In the garden, children show a joyful desire to connect with the world around them, exploring physical and biological processes. 

Our indoor environments reflect importance of the natural world, through the use of beautiful, natural materials. Our rich provision offers a range of two and three-dimensional exploration and play; provocative resources, which are exciting and challenging to use and which allow children to really begin to ask their own questions about 'how' and 'why' the world around them is as it is. 

We believe that play is a powerful vehicle which helps children reflect and understand the people around them. It allows children the time and space to gain a knowledge of symbols and symbolic thought, where children operate at their highest level. Self-chosen play is deep, requires persistence, determination and high-levels of concentration which will help them in their learning for the rest of their lives. Play is a social mechanism, where children foster and develop the friendships that last a lifetime. 

What do parents say? 

"We cannot thank you enough for all you have done... it is clear he has had so much fun while learning and thriving in your care."

"You have helped to instil such a love of learning. Thank you for all your enthusiasm, creativity and commitment."

"Thank you! You have captured his attention and passion for learning. We think you have been such an incredible inspiration to him!"