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Our curriculum at St. Leonard's is child-centred and holistic in its approach. We strive to provide the best for our children by immersing them into exciting and engaging learning opportunities which develop their understanding of the National Curriculum. As a forward-thinking school, we ensure that our curriculum is unique, accessible, inclusive and diverse with a clear focus on challenging and supporting all children so they can reach their potential and beyond. 

We continually demonstrate our high expectations and aspirations for all children and our progressive curriculum provides the tools for children to be effective learners encouraging the development of our 6 values: resilience, respectful, responsible, reflective, caring and confident. 

Our learning opportunities drive our pupils to build independence as well as embed these values both academically and personally. We understand that for children to achieve their best, they must develop themselves from within through self-motivation, confidence and a growing wisdom and knowledge. 

Our curriculum is broad and is focused on a balance between skills and knowledge. Repeating skills consistently as the children move through their primary years, we ensure that these skills are embedded and can be applied throughout the rest of each child's learning journey and the rest of their lives. 

Using the curriculum to prepare our children for the next step in their lives is of the utmost importance to us. We recognise that to develop life-long learners, children must feel valued, supported and nurtured on their journey through school. By focusing so heavily on the wellbeing and welfare of our children, strong, supportive and positive relationships are formed between children and staff which enable our children to access their learning feeling confident and able. 

Please read through the curriculum section where there is extensive information about our curriculum at St. Leonard's Primary School.